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4th year | Developmental

PI: Powell

Inez Zung

3rd year | Cognitive

PI: Rickard

Liam Conaboy

2nd year | Cog-Neuro

PI: Anagnostaras



All of our faculty can be found at this link. Note that an asterisk beside a faculty's name indicates they are interested in recruiting this cycle.

Graduate Students

Katie Van Alstyne

PI: Anagnostaras

Emma Miller

PI: Harris

Natalie Paredes

PI: Gremel

Silvia Gregori Labarta

PI: Dobkins

Deb Lindsay

PI: Dobkins

Isabella Longoria-Valenzuela

PI: Brady

Ethan Hurwitz

PI: Walker & Schachner

Andrew Marin

PI: Carver

Megan Mulhinch

PI: McCullough

Lauren Smith

PI: Carver & Powell

Maya Carleton

PI: Oesch

Holly Kular

PI: Serences

Leo Kleiman-Lynch

PI: McKenzie

Janna Wennberg

PI: Serences

Urvi Maheshwari

PI: Barner

Khuyen Le

PI: Barner

Claire Mason

PI: Geller

Rodney Tompkins

PI: Schachner

Phúc Le

PI: Brashier

Zeve Marcus

PI: McCullough